At Riela Tech, we understand the importance of security. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

This is why our Isle of Man based tech solutions are driven by intelligence to make your business operations more secure, with an emphasis on simultaneously improving business efficiency and resilience.

Our mission for Riela Tech is to provide fast, secure, and trouble-free managed IT solutions - so here they are.

tim bliss

managing director


The Riela Tech Managed Services are used to improve your operational efficiency, whilst enhancing maximum security.

Taken in part or in combination with one another, our services are fully customisable. Meaning, we are able to best match you with the solutions most beneficial to you.

Manx Private cloud

Using our Isle of Man based private cloud guarantees that all of your information will be in a safe location close to you.


Create accountability for each of your endpoints by enabling real-time security monitoring and threat detection.


Using our file synchronisation technology, SyncSafe, you can easily share your files securely across multiple devices.


Our remote desktop and hosted exchange mailbox services address the growing desire for working "anytime, anywhere, any deviceā€.


When striving for optimal efficiency within your business operations, all aspects making up your technology estate will need to be considered.

To help you achieve this goal, Riela Tech offer a comprehensive menu of solutions to cover all essential elements.


Riela Tech work closely with Riela Cyber, the Isle of Man’s first and only cyber security operations centre.

This enables us to not only bounce off of each other, but also affirms the point of view that above all else, having secure operations is one of the most essential ways to achieve a trusted business portfolio.

To find out more about Riela Cyber, visit their website below, or call us today to discover how you can use our services in a combined manner to achieve maximum business efficiency, resilience and security.

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