Santa is making a list, checking it twice, and he is going to find out if you’ve been nice or naughty with your cyber and tech security habits this year. If you find yourself in the former list, it is not too late to change. In fact, a New Year is the perfect opportunity to form new habits. 

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The Naughty List

Poor Password Polices

While it might be easier to remember the same password for multiple accounts, this will give a cyber criminal easy access to a multitude of your accounts. By using different passwords for different accounts (whilst following best password practices), you can keep your accounts secure from hackers. 

Lack of Security Awareness

In the absence of security awareness, employees may not be able to spot malicious signs of an attack or understand how they can be easy targets. Providing employees with the necessary information and resources will enable them to identify and flag potential threats before they can cause harm. 

Inadequate Planning

To prepare for the unexpected, you can put a business continuity plan in place to help you efficiently respond in the case of an emergency.  

Installing Applications From Unverified Sources

If you download apps from unverified sources, there is an increased risk that your device will likely be infected with malware. Before downloading an app, make sure to always read reviews and inspect the vendor or developer that created it. 

Ignoring Software Updates

Computer software updates may seem to occur at the most inconvenient time possible, but they are essential to network security. It is common for hackers to exploit unpatched software to gain access to computers and other devices. 

The Nice List

Use of Multi-Factor Authentication

Implementing multi-factor authentication reduces the risk of account takeover and provides additional security for users by adding an additional layer of protection. According to Microsoft, this simple (and free) step can prevent up to 99.9% of attacks on your accounts. 

Frequent Backups

In the event of data loss or theft, using the cloud for backups allows you to restore your data. Using the cloud to store and/or backup data increases the difficulty for hackers to steal your data. Plus, backups allow you the ability to access your data remotely whenever necessary.

Check for Vulnerabilities

Through the process of checking for vulnerabilities, you can detect possible security exploitation points on computers, network devices, applications, and data stores before problems occur. 

Ongoing Training

Companies that can learn quickly and adapt well to changing environments perform best over timeSince technology is constantly evolving, it is essential for employees to keep up with ongoing technical skills, updates and news if you want your business to stay technologically competitive. This can start by adopting a security culture, something we offer through security training. 

Use of Antivirus and Endpoint Protection

Investing in high-quality antivirus, endpoint and firewall software for your system is a reliable way to protect your devices and data – if you remember to update it regularly!

Whether you are guilty of any of the naughty practices or not, there is still time for Team Riela to help you make it onto Santa’s nice list for 2022 and beyond! Fill out your details to recieve a free consultation.

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