Cyber Risk Mitigation Strategy

Riela Cyber risk mitigation can provide numerous cyber services to build your risk mitigation strategy. Specialising in:

IT Consultancy:

A good cyber security posture requires a solid foundation in the technology that is utilised. We have expertise in the deployment of enterprise-grade solutions. This includes designing and deploying on-site equipment that facilitates proper remote monitoring and management.

Network Hardening:

It is important to ensure that security best practices are implemented to reduce the risk and vulnerabilities that vendor hardware can expose. Security is often overlooked due to financial or time constraints, especially in cases where a supplier has been pressured to compete on price – don’t wait until your network is compromised before you address it.

Server Hardening:

Riela will ensure that your servers are configured in line with best-practice standards to reduce vulnerabilities. This can range from basic practices such as enabling software firewalls (obvious, but frequently overlooked!) to implement complex policies to ensure would-be attackers struggle to compromise the server. Our fully qualified staff will work with you to optimise your server security.


Implementing your technology infrastructure requires skilled engineers to carry out the work. Our expertly skilled teamwork to top-level quality engineering standards, and these are imposed from day one. From simple but often ignored areas such as dressing cable ties properly to ensuring that electrical standards are fully complied with, all of the work we do for you is completed to the highest quality.

Network Deployment:

Cisco is recognised in the industry as the leading network infrastructure vendor. Utilising their range of world-class products, our fully trained engineers will ensure that your deployment will be completed to the highest security standards and quality.

Server/Workstation Support:

Our skilled and Microsoft trained engineers will ensure that your staff have the right tools to do their jobs. All of our deployments follow strict documented processes and procedures to ensure consistency with any work we undertake for you.

Penetration Testing:

Penetration testing describes a formal engagement for a person to attempt to compromise a system using the person’s own expertise and tools in a controlled fashion; typically, with a constraint of not disrupting services. We use fully vetted 3rd parties to perform this task when required as we believe it is important for an external party to provide independent verification.