Domain Management & Web Hosting

We can provide you with a range of domain management and web hosting services, including: 

Domain Name Registration and Management:

As an official domain name registrar and a Nominet Partner, we will manage the task of keeping your corporate domains stable and secure, and we are able to fully support the related websites, mail, and infrastructure.

DNS (Domain Name System) Management:

We run our own public DNS servers and have expertise in managing both public and internal DNS for our clients. We offer a complete DNS management service, which can save you time and limit the risk of 3rd party mistakes when migrating e-mail addresses or websites.

Web Hosting – Linux and Windows:

We can provide and support Linux or Windows web servers, with both shared or dedicated available.

Premium Web Hosting:

Our premium offering requires all websites to gain A+ rating on a variety of vulnerability scanners. Our managed service includes; Auditable steps to secure your website, an experienced team to assist in closing vulnerabilities, rigid change control and change alerts, early detection and notification of potential breaches to your website and ongoing vulnerability management.

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