Infrastructure Management

Riela Tech provides a wide range of infrastructure services, including:

Hosted Remote Desktop Service:

Our hosted remote desktop solution allows authorised users to access your company applications remotely. Users can then utilise resources on that host system as if they were sitting in front of it. Remote desktop access can be customised for multiple device types and specific roles or tasks. Remote desktop solutions can help your business address the challenge of users’ desire for “anytime, anywhere, any device” access and maximise user productivity.

The software on the server manages the connections to corporate IT resources and to remote users, and we support the highest levels of encryption to keep connections secure. With 100% of work streams performed on RDS the business is encompassed by the enhanced security and resilience of the hosted environment.

Private Servers:

Privately hosted servers, with bespoke managed networking, provide our customers with security, location resilience, hardware and server resilience and easy disaster recovery. It removes costly capital expenditure associated with on-site replacements at your premises, and means and end to time consuming maintenance regimes. Full back-up included for every server.

Private Hosted Infrastructure:

Our private hosted infrastructure management provides you with your own private hosted environment on dedicated, managed hardware, with all the benefits of having the hardware on your own premises, but with the resilience, safety, security and scalability that hosting in our datacentre offers.

Hybrid Infrastructure:

Connecting all or some of your internal infrastructure with our secure datacentre can provide a cost effective and easy way to ensure location resilience, disaster recovery and negate the need for onsite backups.

High Availability / Distributed Infrastructure:

Run your servers across multiple datacentres for maximum resilience. This protects against the loss of an individual datacentre, localised internet outages and bandwidth peaks.

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