Managed Services

At Riela Tech we provide a diverse range of managed services to assist you with your working efficiency and security, whether this be in the home or at the office. We maximise performance and create a hassle-free experience for business owners, their visitors and staff.

Hosted Remote Desktop Service:

Our hosted remote desktop solution allows authorised users to access your company applications remotely. Users can then utilise resources on that host system as if they were sitting in front of it. Remote desktop access can be customised for multiple device types and specific roles or tasks. Remote desktop solutions can help your business address the challenge of users’ desire for “anytime, anywhere, any device” access and maximise user productivity.

The software on the server manages the connections to corporate IT resources and to remote users, and we support the highest levels of encryption to keep connections secure. With 100% of workstreams performed on RDS the business is encompassed by the enhanced security and resilience of the hosted environment.

Hosted Exchange mailboxes:

Our expert team will migrate you from your current provider, with personalised support at each step of the process. Riela’s full range of services includes; shared mailboxes, distribution groups, security groups, unlimited secondary addresses and domain names, drastically reduced spam and malicious email, storage quota management, granular access permissions on corporate mailboxes, shared calendars and contacts, and much more. Taken with our endpoint management, our solution boasts 6 layers of malware checks from 5 different vendors before the malicious email can reach your inbox and infect your operating system.

File Synchronisation (syncSafe):

Synchronise your file structure across multiple devices and locations with our syncSafe system, and share files with 3rd parties via a password protected and time-limited links. Hosted in our datacentre, your files are double encrypted at source and encrypted in transit.

File Synchronisation – fully managed security:

For further peace of mind, Riela can roll-out syncSafe to every endpoint and ensure each one complies to a minimum security standard:

  • Using Microsoft’s BitLocker feature, sensitive data can be kept encrypted and private even when a laptop is lost or stolen.
  • Our endpoint security and management suite ensures the data is as safe both whilst in transit and at rest on the workstation.
  • For complete data security, we configure the connection from workstation to the syncSafe servers ourselves, so your syncSafe user accounts can never be connected to an unmanaged machine. This gives you 100% control of every location holding your files.

Private Backup as a Service:

Back up your remote environments with unique encryption keys specific to you, held in Escrow if required. So secure even we cannot read your backed up data!
Using the industry recognised ESET security suite we can automatically monitor files, applications and traffic across your network and infrastructure.
Integration into our central endpoint monitoring systems generates alerts and notification tickets to our CRM. This can be deployed by Group policy, with the automatic install for new devices which saves you time when taking on a new employee.

Microsoft Software:

We are Microsoft Partners and Service Providers.
We provide all Microsoft licensing, applications, and operating systems on a monthly subscription basis.

Endpoint Security and Management:

An endpoint can be a computer, server or mobile device. We will install agents on each endpoint that provide remote information on system performance and logs. Malware protection software will swiftly and securely clean any unwanted or malicious files without bothering the user, and the software integrates with our own central service desk system, allowing real-time alerting to our Security Operation Centre (SOC), raising an alarm either to our SOC engineers, or directly to the client so that any unusual activity or suspected malware can be addressed. There is a vast array of monitoring systems included, such as patch status, disk space, uptime, and many more. The software also reports on suspicious or new software that has been installed, which is often be an early indication of malicious activity.
NB: Endpoint Security can be taken in isolation, or in conjunction with the more comprehensive Endpoint Management software.

Endpoint Managed Service:

Although the software is a great way to keep an endpoint secure and monitored for problems, and often the software will simply fix issues as they arise, for those issues that remain, receiving the alert alone does not resolve the problem. Our managed service means a dedicated team of qualified engineers are on hand to react to any alerts, fix issues remotely where possible without disrupting the user, and where necessary, allow easy remote access for our engineers to assist the users. We take this a step further by proactively analysing the activity on endpoints in order to identify trends. This is important because a targeted attack may well persist until a weakness is found. By analysing unusual activity, our support staff can proactively determine if an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is attacking the system.

ITIL Helpdesk

Our highly qualified helpdesk staff can fix issues on your servers desktops and laptops whilst (and often before) they happen. Often, these managed services can be provided without needing to interrupt you from your working day. We are available 8am-5:30pm by phone or email to assist in any way.

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