Network Operations Centre

Our Network Operations Centre provides transparency across your network and systems. Quickly uncovering pinch-points, degradation of connectivity and performance issues. Our strict but streamlined ISO change control procedures facilitate rapid deployment of network changes: 

Infrastructure Monitoring

Our best of breed infrastructure monitoring tools will track the performance of your systems and will automatically raise alarms when performance metrics fall outside predetermined thresholds. For example free/available disk space; if free space falls below set amounts, systems will become unresponsive, and an email server will stop processing email when a disk starts to run out of space – causing you disruption and limiting your productivity.

Perimeter Anti-Malware Protection:

Our Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances solution features an industry-recognised platform called Firepower, which has a host of leading features including anti-malware protection. The firewall will monitor traffic passing through it and check the file signatures against known identities. When a positive match is found, it will block the file before it enters your network.

Real-Time Alerting:

The service desk within our Network Operations Centre provides proactive and reactive incident response services. The reactive service will send an alert to the customer for triage. With the proactive service, our service desk staff will resolve the notifications directly. Under our monitoring, events arrive in a ticket system and a real-time notification is delivered to our SOC engineers (or 3rd party resolvers if required).

Managed Infrastructure Backups:

We will deploy a tool using the remote probe which will regularly collect backups, performance stats and asset discovery. This tool allows our SOC engineers to analyse any changes that have been made, and also to recover device configurations with confidence when a device fails.

Enhanced Backup Services:

Our fully managed and centralised back up solution is ideal for remote sites. The solution allows us to centrally store and manage both system and information back-ups in our secure data centre, and encryption options include the ability to allow the client to be the only key holder. A fully scalable solution, the cost is determined by the volume of data being backed up.

Capacity Management:

An often-overlooked element of effective cyber security is the basic practice of capacity management. This includes, but is not limited to, activities such as reviewing the average Internet bandwidth usage (which, if ignored can yield video conference call quality issues, for example). Other examples include reviewing the trend of the utilisation of system resources to forecast when systems will become constrained. Charges are dependent on the size of the estate to be monitored and are accrued based on time spent reviewing the relevant information on a monthly basis.

Multi-Factor Authentication:

Riela Cyber Security can implement multi-factor authentication systems, which are designed to further improve access control to sensitive systems.