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We recommend that you use our FREE Outbound Email Encryption Checker to verify the emails you send are encrypted. Ultimately, you are responsible for protecting the emails you send. Our FREE tool checks against the standards of TLS, DKIM, DMARC and SPF. (Click the links to find out more about each standard).

The Outbound Email Encryption Problem

There are a number of freely available websites that enable you or your email provider to test inbound email connections are encrypted i.e. when you receive an email. However, testing outbound email encryption is much more involved, and often overlooked.

By sending an email to our FREE outbound email encryption checker you will be able to test that TLS, DKIM, DMARC and SPF are enabled when sending an email. 

What we have found

Our in-house engineers have recognised this common failing among a lot of well-known and trusted email providers. They successfully configure and test encryption on the inbound email connector. However, they forget to configure and test the outbound email connector to the same standard.

As a result, many companies and mailboxes are at risk of non-compliance and other issues that can arise from an email breach. This is a result of weak or no email encryption during transit. It’s important in order to protect you and your company because email breaches can lead to fines, civil and criminal legal action and unwanted publicity.

If you’re sending emails over unencrypted connections you’re putting confidential company or client data at risk.

It’s not just the emails you type; if you’re replying to an email that contains a conversation thread and the person you’re communicating with has shared sensitive information, your outbound emails are leaving this information at risk too.

How can you check?

Verify and test the encryption of your outbound email connection for FREE at the click of the button below.

If the button does not work, simply send a blank email to

If you wish to receive a quote for our hosted exchange mailbox solution get in touch. Our clients benefit from all of the aforementioned encryption standards and an advanced email filter. Alternatively, click here to find out more about our other managed services.

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